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week 14 Role of the Line Manager

• List five benefits and five drawbacks of line managers being more involved in HR activities

The benefits of having a line manager are that the line manager is closer to their staff and the HR manager. Also the line manager has a better knowledge of certain areas because line manager usually deals with day to day bases.
It was mentioned in Mullins (2007) that line managers provides better feedbacks then the HR manager because line managers has the hand on approach and observing at their staff directly.
According to Mullins (2007), line managers can identify the needs and wants from staff without certain barriers, for example, staff may be scared of asking the HR manager because the question may seen to be outrages.
Another benefit of having a line manager is that it can share the work load from the manager.

The disadvantages of having a line manager are that there are two managers in one department and this might course conflict between the line manager and head of the department due to different believes.
Another disadvantage is that a line manager is closer to their staff and this may affect their decision making, for example, disciplinary.
It was stated in Needham, D (date) is that line managers are not specialist in certain areas of the department.

Business for Higher Awards
By David Needham

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• Visit the CIPD web site using the address below to read the Fact Sheet on the role of the front line manager in HR :-

What skills do you think that line managers need to develop
in order to effectively manage people and why? How are
your line managers developed at work?

According to CIPD (2009), line managers has wide areas of responsibilities, for example, organising work allocation and rotas, checking quality and monitoring work processes. Also line managers are on the lower levels of management so therefore they have a wide range of areas that they need to improve on, for example, good relationship with colleagues so communications is one of the key roles of improving line managers development.
Another area that line managers have to take on is carrying out activities which were traditionally belongs to the HR department such as providing coaching, guidance and dealing with discipline and grievances. However line managers will be provided training to deal with these issues and line managers can also improve their skills during work, for example, improving their confidence when dealing with conflicts (CIPD, 2009).
During my employment with John Lewis the line managers were very professional when they were carrying their tasks and our team relationship was very good because at every day before and after the store is open or close, there will be a team meeting so that we are up to date with sales targets and improve our relationship between colleagues.

• Go on to Prospects website and research the job roles for an HR manager. Do you feel your skills are more suited to the role of a line manager or an HR Manager? Explain your reasons.

After looking at numbers of career web sites and news papers, for example, The Times, The Guardian and I feel that I am not quite suitable for the role of line manager or HR manager because there is numbers of reasons, for example, experience that I do not have and this is one of the main reason why I think I am not suitable. Also if I am going to apply for the role of line manager or HR manager, I will be competing with other candidates that have more experience than me.
When applying for this kind of level of employment usually employers will look for any special training they have received, for example, CIPD qualification, skills and knowledge of the sector. Although I have been studying the HR throughout my career in education I still think it is not enough because I have not been putting in use of employment. If I am go in to a HR sector I will prefer an assistant role or clerk role because these roles will provide me the skills, knowledge and experience
In this time of day having a degree in HR is quite essential but also experience will be needed because this can prove to the employer that I have put my knowledge into good practice.

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